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The companys motto "Together we will make it possible" completely reflects our philosophy. Three main components of the companys success are:

Staff: Thanks to our staffs professionalism the company provides its customers with high quality services and quickly reacts to market fluctuations. In order to comply with the world standards, the company constantly invests in development of its own educational programs and holds workshops and seminars. All Sales Department employees regularly take part in technical seminars by worlds largest manufacturers. So, in any office of "ITC-Electronics" our clients will get a consultation with qualified specialists who are able to solve their problems providing a complete package for an enterprise of any size and complexity.

Partners: The companys close cooperation with the worlds largest suppliers and coordination with joint business-projects in developing new Russian and CIS markets provide complete technical support and documentation to the clients . Using the latest technologies in world telecommunications the Sales Department engineers can have the exact information about the components in the stocks of Europe, America and Asia. Now our company cooperates with more than 400 suppliers all over the world.

Clients: ITC-Electronics has achieved a sound position in the Russian market and provides fair prices and terms of delivery, considering every clients desire. Together with the clients we are eager to solve their production problems, and to help them to increase productivity, competitiveness and prosperity.

We are sure that in the future the logo of ITC-Electronics will deliver good fortune and success to our partners and clients.

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