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ITC-Electronics is among 100 best Medium-sized Businesses of Germany!

TOP 100This fact is confirmed by the competition «Top-100», that takes place on the territory of Germany once a year.The international corporative analysis of companies is carried out every year in Vienna. Summarizing the results best of the best are defined! The following criteria are basis for winning the award: Management innovations Innovation processes and organizational arrangement Innovation climate Marketing and management The results of the analysis were formally announced by Lothar Späth on the 26-th of June, 2009 in Königswinter. Our Company is among 100 best Medium-sized Businesses of Germany for “extraordinary innovation achievements”. Everyone in Germany admires our success and wishes the specialists of ITC to make a further advance.

A Special Award of Oskar Patzelt Stiftung, October 2008

????? On the 25th of October, 2008 in Berlin within the framework of celebrating the winners of the competition, organized by Oskar Patzelt Stiftung, the most successful medium-sized enterprises were presented with the awards “Grand Prize for Medium-sized Businesses 2008” (Großer Preis des Mittelstandes 2008). Our Company won a special award of the competition for outstanding contribution to the development of the national economy and business.

"Grand Prize for Medium-sized Businesses", September 2005

OskarThe nationwide Oskar-Patzelt Foundation was established by Walter Hirche, Deputy Prime Minister of Lower Saxony.

Five criterions are basis for winning this award:
  • Total development of the company.
  • Creating and protection of jobs and apprenticeships.
  • Innovation and modernisation.
  • Regional commitment.
  • Service, closeness to customer, marketing.

    Out of more than 2500 nominated companies nationwide for the "Grand Prize for Medium-sized Businesses", 29 received the Finalist Award in Cologne on 10 September, among them ITC-Electronics.

  • Award from Lower Saxony Ministry, September 2005

    For active participation in training young specialists ITC-Electronics accepted the Award of Lower Saxony Ministry

    ITC-Electronics among Top 100 Innovators, June 2004

    TOP 100Top 100 innovators is a nomination established for exceptional innovations. On the basis of nationwide corporate investigation our Company is included in the list of TOP 100 Innovators. We became the innovators in all nomination categories:
  • Innovations in management;
  • Innovative processes and organizational arrangement;
  • Innovation climate;
  • Promotions and management.

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