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The Company ITC Electronics GmbH was founded in 1996.

In 1996 the Head Office in Alfeld/Leine in Germany was opened. Since then the Company has established close cooperation with European and American producers of electronic and electromechanical components, which has enabled us to create a system of express-purchases and to give clients the latest exact information about changes on the world market for electronic production.

In 1998 the Company opened an office in Moscow. It gave us the opportunity to take one more step towards our clients. Now the clients from Moscow and its region can contact our new office at any time.

In 1999 the Company opened an office in Saint-Petersburg. Working with our customers we proved that the Northwest Region has a huge industrial potential.

July, 2000 - The Company decided to take an active part in the revival and development of the industrial enterprises of Ukraine by opening an office in Kiev.

September, 2000 - The Company opened an office in Ekaterinburg to provide services to historically powerful Ural industrial enterprises.

October, 2003 - The Company set up its office in Samara. It is the largest industrial and cultural centre of Russia with a great potential in such fields as engineering, electrical engineering, oil-refining and light industries. We hope that the opening of the new office in Samara will be beneficial for our Clients.

November, 2003 - The Company opened its office in Nizhny Novgorod. The city has a tremendous history and a great potential. We expect having a new office in Nizhny Novgorod will allow us to become more convenient and more accessible for our clients.

February, 2004 - The Company opens a new office in the capital of Bashkortostan - Ufa. It is a big city with historical roots and long history of development, with great potential in different areas of the industry. We hope that opening of the office in Ufa will help us to become closer to our Clients and will allow to find new friends and Partners.

July, 2004 - A new office was opened in Almaty. We have great confident that due to creation of the united information space our Company will contribute to the service and technology extension for the customers in Kazakhstan.

August, 2004 - The Company ITC-Electronics established a new office in Rostov-na-Donu, the large industrial and science centre of the South Russia. Now our customers in Rostov Region can turn to our specialists any time.

July, 2006 – A new office was opened in one of the biggest industrial centers of Ukraine – Kharkov. Every year we are getting closer to our Customers.

July, 2006 – The Company opens a new office in Chelyabinsk – the Capital of the South Ural - for our Partners and new Customers in this region!

August, 2006 – A new office was opened in Voronezh. We are aiming to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation in each city, so that to be closer to our Customers and Partners.

August, 2006 – The Company opened a new office in Surgut. There is no doubt this step will lead to development of relations with the Clients of the Company and to setting up of new business contacts to the industrial enterprises of the region.

September, 2006 – A new office was opened in Khabarovsk. We keep on developing the regional offices. Now we are getting closer to our Customers and Partners in the Far East.

September, 2006 – Our Company is constantly trying to improve cooperation conditions with the Customers and Partners. These goals were approached by opening a new office in Krasnoyarsk.

November, 2007 - The Company opened the representative office of GE Company - the worldwide leader in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. It proves a stable position of the Company internationally and provides new opportunity for cooperation with the Partners.

February, 2009 - The new modern logistics facility was opened that included automated warehouses in Russia and Germany and constantly replenished warehouse for mass production companies.

November, 2010 - The Company continues to open its representative offices in different cities and towns of Russia in order to enhance service availability. This time the new office was opened in the centre of the South Russia - in Krasnodar.

Since 2014 the Company ITC Electronics GmbH Alfeld/Leine work with our new partner NT Industry Russia.

Nowadays ITC-Electronics is a powerful and stable brand with the reputation of a reliable partner.

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